Wells Fargo Inspection Fee Settlement

Court Documents

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  • Plaintiffs’ Request to File an Over-Length Reply Memorandum
  • Reply Declaration of Deborah Clark-Weintraub
  • Supplemental Declaration Regarding Requests for Exclusion and Objections Received
  • Amended Declaration of Daryl F. Scott
  • Amended Declaration of Michael R. Reese
  • Final Approval Order
  • 8th Circuit Opinion re: 16-1484
  • 8th Circuit Opinion re: 16-1694
  • 8th Circuit Opinion re: 16-1681, 16-1740, 16-1743
  • Order approving Motion to Modify the Plan of Allocation
  • Plaintiffs’ Motion for Distribution of Net Settlement Fund
  • Memorandum in Support of Plaintiffs’ Motion for Distribution of Net Settlement Fund
  • Order Approving Distribution of Net Settlement Fund